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Never has anyone...

released an Album and a Book on the same day, until Antoine "TK" Patton did so on 8.18.18. His music career was put on hold back in 2008 when he was sent to prison for 8 years due to illegally possessing a loaded .357 firearm. 

10 years later, Patton is now telling his story hoping others attain the level of motivation and optimism he has after doing so much time in prison. Although Patton was housed in some of the dirtiest, darkest and destitute maximum and medium security prisons, he stood firm, re-configured his mind and made it his mission to live a successful, legit lifestyle.  

About the Album

Patton has been making music since 2007. Cages to Stages: The Album goes into vivid detail about the events that lead to him going to prison in 2008 and how 10 years later he is in the prime of his life.

Growing up in the 3rd poorest city in the nation, Patton had involuntarily subscribed to a few different mental #Cages: peer pressure, acceptance, drug dealing, misogyny, alcoholism, gun addiction and more. Those mental #Cages would lead to him doing 8 years in a physical #Cage: prison.

This album captures Patton's growth. On track 2, "Hubris", Patton almost bodaciously brags about making thousands of dollars selling opioids, while by track 7, "Full", he is urging others to give back to the hood that they may have hurt more than they have helped.

This album, like most good music, has the power to unlock something inside of the listener. This is a must listen if you appreciate hip-hop storytelling, witty punchlines, and lyrical inspiration.


About the Book

At the time of Patton's initial incarceration, he had no idea how his street credibility and hustler mentality could translate into a healthy, successful, legit lifestyle. As fate would have it, Patton found light in the darkest of maximum security prisons. For him, that light was the infinite potential of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.).

This memoir explains how Patton went from prisoner to teacher, computer programmer, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director, investor and most importantly, a supportive and strong Father.  

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